Saturday, October 19, 2013

Full Moon Ascendant (10-19-13 Eclipse)


By Robert Hughey (Google+) (Twitter)
Inner Peace
Lunar Ripples

Oh, sacred orb of bright light, reflection of the Beloved Solar Disc
What are you… really? To steal my heart so easily,
You must be one smooth operator of a Pimp-Daddy.
I call you Artemis, mostly symbolic, or in Prayer
Selene or Lilith, Spaceship or Satellite. Goddess Defined?
Are any of those your preferred name for yourself?

Are you Earth’s Constant Companion, Her Lover?
Or are you a Devoted Sister? Son or Daughter?
I only know that you energize me so much.
I’m like a Spiritual Werewolf because of you!
Howling up at you,  Drinking your Energies
Trusting that they are directed to me for Benefit

So I continue appreciating all that you do, lovely Luna
From the Tides to Eclipses, my Etheric Support System
The EYE of the beautiful God of Magic
Teacher of the Way , Assisting my Transcending Evolution
…all to continue the process of opening my Heart
Fostering poetic belief that You, I and All are Divine.

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