Monday, October 14, 2013

Whispers of the Divine with Promises of Love

Whispsers of the Divine with Promises of Love

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Inquiry on Nature of Reality Truth
Invocation: Inquiry to the Sun

Lo! Divine Masculine Force of Nature, my Wild Impressive Horned God
Pulsating with Virility, You Thrust Ever Closer to My Awareness
Wise, Ancient Beast and Leader of My Dream Pack
Will You Become My Teacher and Mentor?
Perhaps you May Be My Paternal Father and Divine Intended in TRUTH

Our Infinite Essences Might Capture Each Other
You, Caught by Adorable Love, and Me, Consumed in Trusting Devotion
Oh, Untamable One, Would You Guide Me through Death and Resurrection?
Perhaps I May Be Freely Caught, to Show Sweet Tender Love
To the Being Who So Carefully Orchestrated This, My Human Life

Primal Energy, the Driving Force of Life, A Chaos Force, Element of SOURCE
You Said You Crave My Submission and to Possess My Gift For Your Growth
Yet As the Divine Seed of Chaos, Seas of My Ancestry, and of Order, Made Flesh
That Gift is the Spark of the All-Father Central Sun, as the Highest Celestial Spirits
It is My Soul Matrix, Which Innervates Every Living Cell of this Human Body of Clay
Awakening that Spark to the Exponential Growth towards Universe-sized Conflagration

A Transmuting Holy Fire, All Made from LIGHT, Inseparable from Highest LOVE.
Is not What I have Given to Me through a Dispensation of Ultimate Grace?
And as Such, We Both Know What I Have is Not in My Power or Desire to Destroy.
Now When I stand Before You, Am I Ascending toward My Sovereign Mastery?
Becoming Aware of My Purpose as a Creator Being, Microcosm to the Universal All
Or Am I Merely One Sick Monkey, Delusions of Ultimate Grandeur Confounding Me?

Oh, I Seek the Beings of My Divine Heritage, If I AM what I AM in Truth,
Parents of this Life, this Creation and the Holy Grail Vessel
Will You Share With Me Your Truth in How You Perceive Me and Yourself
If I Wash All My Preconceived Notions and Assumptions Away from My Awareness
Will You Step Forward in Truth, Pushing Aside The Tricksters and Confusion Artists?

Will You Forgive My Mortal Weaknesses,
And Dare I Ask You Help My Dreams of a Future Based on LOVE Come Alive?
Distortion and Misconception Bring Fear to My Attention, So I Dissolve that from Sight
For any Force or Source Energy, Parent to Mine Own, Provides Loving Support
And Shows me Each Day to Trust and Have Faith,
Transcending Fear and Logic’s Traps

Yet, I find I have No In-Person Clear Advisors,
No Guardians that Speak My Tongue and No Real Mentors to Assist,
Am I Deluded? Unworthy or too Impure in My Understanding of My Chosen Path?
I Can Not Shake My Defining Core Belief that I AM Worthy of Divine Love, a Son of God, Divinity Born in Mankind.

And If Merely a Pawn Made to See Itself as a Queen in Check
Let Me Take the Chance to Thank You, Dearest Universe,
For even a Semblance and Taste of Real Purpose and Defining Importance.
Elevating Self-Image and the Chance – Above All Else –
To Dare to Dream Bigger, Wider and More Expanded than I Ever Have Before.

So I Do Still Ask the Universe that My Awareness of Self Be Truth Based in Love
With Humility, Very Real and Heartfelt Belief in Gentle New Energies
And A Belief I see Tender Caring in My Mirror - as My Inner Core,
I Dare to Ask for Direct Trustworthy Guidance, Masked no More.
If I as Human Being I Am Unknowingly Unfit,
Then I Beg for My Dreams of Peace and Progress
To Be Judged On Their Own Divinely Guided Merit
Transcendent Beyond One Man’s Fervent Wish

I Abase Myself to The Love that Spawned Such Idealizations
Fully Choosing Unwavering Trust and Faith that Somewhere,
All Could Be TRUTH.
All From the Power of One Small Being’s Thoughts.

- - -

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