Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Implant to the Collective Consciousness (re: OCD)

Intention and Action, Transmutation:
Prayer to Implant to the Collective Consciousness of Mankind

From the words of VIOLET ROSE:

In the name of God and in the name of our mighty I Am presence, we invoke the forces of Love, Mercy, Kindness and Compassion as well as the healing force of the 5th Dimensional Solar Violet Flame and ask that these powerful energies be directed into the lives of all who suffer with OCD, as well as into the lives of those who care or know sufferers, and then into the lives of all of Humanity everywhere, and that these forces of Good transmute all ignorance, all fear, all suffering, all stigma and all ill will concerning OCD, into the healing Light of Love. 

And so it is." 

Feel free to add you own words, little brother. 

From the Ascended Apprentice:

"If it be for the Greater Good, then let the Divine Consciousness of COMPASSION wrap with the Ray of Love Energy of the Human Race, let the Collective Consciousness begin to comprehend the realities of OCD and all mental illnesses as no matter for stigma or scorn but worthy of unconditional love and kindness, concern and healing."

And it is so.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Manifestation of a New Earth Reality Begins


Part of the Process of Creation...

The Creation - of a new world? Of a new humanity? of a new ME?

The time has come (for your life to begin)
...real life.  ...even better than you've dreamed  
...better than anyone could deserve.


Follows a Path. A Chain of Energetic Events.

All following the Divine Will's Plan.
...a Plan you created yourself. ...for yourself. 
...PAIN/FEAR is off-path, JOY is on the path.

It started long ago, long before anything in form could fully understand. So no need to even try to "fully" grasp anything.

TRUST. I fully TRUST...

...that All is Well.  ...that All is Coming to Fruition as it should. 
...that God has MY BACK, completely. 
...that FEAR is pointless, and will continue to subside the higher I flow, the higher I go...
...higher I soar...


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Channel from the Divine Feminine

I call upon the Divine Feminine and step aside for her to use this vessel in communication. Greetings, Great Lady, Spirit of Creation. I give you these fingers, these eyes and this channel of communication to gift your message to your world.

Greetings Children, I am Green Tara, called the Goddess of Earth, Mother of Life, the Trinity times three, nine-faced One.  I am ISIS, Queen of the Nile River Delta, Queen of Life itself, creator and Elohim known as the Phoenix, rising again in this the Age of Aquarius and New Earth. I AM the New Earth’s Consciousness.

Tonight I want to talk about TRUTH.

The Channel hesitates on this subject, for he says, “what is my truth might not be the truth for another.” And he is not incorrect in that belief, but that still does not eliminate that which is Divine Truth - for the Truth just is. There are still facts that exist, that have been sequestered from the common knowledge of Humanity, and it is time for some of those Absolute Truths to be known.

Tonight I want to talk about the creation of humanity.

Particularly, I wish to discuss the gender differences of Humanity, for there are major segments of the Human Population that are still taught a lie, and this lie was placed in the Collective Consciousness over the corpses of thousands of those whose lives were dedicated to the service of the Divine Feminine.

My Priestesses were murdered, tortured, burned at the stake over this lie. And while much of those wrongs has had vengeance answered, the lie remains.

And that enrages me!

The lie is this: that womankind was built the smallest rib of mankind. That womankind is the subservient gender because of this fact, that due to womankind’s failings of morality and temptress ways, the man lied to a purely male Creator and forced the eviction of man and woman both from Paradise.

I tell you again, that is a lie!

Of all the fallacies that are told by powerful groups all across My Face, The World, the fact that womankind is blamed for the first failing of mankind is a LIE. The tale that womankind was created as though but small piece of mankind is a LIE.
It is not TRUTH at all.

Mankind was built from womankind. The exact opposite is true. What is now mankind was originally without gender, or one could be more appropriate in saying the beings that were created were BOTH. No gender existed, and these hermaphroditic life forms were neither and yet both of the genders.

These beings are what humankind refers to as the “Angels.” They are MY Angeloi. Now they exist in many forms, but many are my Shamans, my Angels, my Attendants. Many of them revolted against the Divine Feminine in the last millennium in the war against the Priestesses of the Goddess, but they paid their debts time and time again through many methods. The Channel is such a being, deemed a “gay” by his society. His direct history is not such that he took part in the war against the Priestesses, for he WAS one of the Priestesses burned at the stake, but this incarnation he walks the path of the Shaman, blending male and female energies in one form, two-spirited as the aborigines of his beloved American Continent.

You’re talking about the Catholic Priests and their war against the Pagans, aren’t you? I was one of the Pagans, you’re telling me? They burnt me alive?

Yes, child. What is your greatest fear regarding death?

That I’ll die in a fire - that I’ll burn and not be able to get away from the flames.  A being told me, “Sometimes you just have to burn” once in this life, and I’m still running away from that. I don’t want to burn!

You’ve already been burnt. And you faced it with curses on your breath, more fire on your tongue and my anger flowing from your body like few had before. You were glorious, and yes, you hurt more than most do when they die. But I took you to my bosom quickly, for we are one and the same, my child, never forget that. I felt every ember along with you. That fate will not befall you again.

Thank you. I don’t know what else to say to that. I almost see the memory, and I don’t want to see it, please. I don’t want to remember that, not unless you really need me to.

I do, child. But you’ve remembered it through your fears, and you’ve remembered in your DreamTime. That is sufficient. I need you to understand my anger, for it is your anger as well.

You’ve been talking tonight about the Church and its tales of the Creation, and its Crusades against the religions that had you in them.

Yes, the Great Lie. The Lie that the All-Mother/All-Father is God but not Goddess is what fills me with rage. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the Greatest of Women, the Divine Feminine Herself has been scorned by half of the world! I’m filled with Red Rage and my thoughts turn to Black Revenge.

No, Lady! I beg you. Think on PINK… pink triangles, pink diamonds! Think on the Pink Ray that you have shown me fills my Aura with but a thought!  LOVE, my Lady! You deserve to be angry, but you said that the perpetrators paid for their crimes?

Yes, they paid. Many paid in the ovens in Nazi Germany, wearing those pink triangles you speak of. They so-called “gays” running a Church that destroyed the Priestesses in flames 1000 years ago were the same beings that were then rounded up and executed, cooked in ovens in the Concentration Camps.  I know that turns your stomach. Of course it does, AND IT SHOULD.  Outside of the linear existence it is always difficult to understand the blood price that karma requires.

And that is enough to calm my rage again, turn it from black back to my calm blue. For karma is part of what the Grand Experiment is attempting to reconcile. There has been too much blood and pain spent with man against woman and then woman against man. It’s time for that pendulum to slow and perhaps finally stop swinging, for the genders to equalize fully.

But for that happen, the LIES must stop first!

Woman was not made from MAN. Man was first birthed from WOMAN. The parallel is easily seen in the physiology required for a mating to occur. The small sperm arrives en masse, and it takes millions of them to break open the layers of the ovum’s shell to open a way for one lone sperm, a master sperm (chosen by Spirit, of course, nothing is given to so-called “chance”).

All of the other wonders that are required to make another being to be brought into my world all exist in that ovum already, not provided by the sperm at all! That ovum then attaches in the womb, again look at the size difference from the sperm to the womb itself to see which of the genders is more instrumental and where the “credit” lies in the process of Creation.

That womb lies inside a woman being, whom then carries the new life throughout its entire development process all the way to birth. Loving that being from its inception, conception all the way to the moment the infant takes its first God-given breath, and then beyond through all the phases of that new beings existence. But the lie is told that creation of woman is from the man…

Creation is the only so-called work in existence that can rightfully be deemed as Woman’s Work!!!

Thank you, Great Lady for your words. There’s much here to think and pray on. I think no one would doubt your reasons for your anger. Thank you for using me tonight as your channel.

Dear Sweet boy, you calm my ire and wrath, even as I find myself bathing again in the seas of chaos stirred up by memories from my veils of the past. Some of my anger is your own anger and you merely misinterpret the memories from this most-strange and most-interesting of communication methods. But your Oracle Power is True as Ever it was, Boy Pharaoh, starchild of my Heart. You did get the “Truth on the Page” as you wanted, and sharing this information is RIGHT, child. It is right to allow others to see that the Divine Feminine was systematically attacked in many ways. What you do not have is the history where the Divine Masculine was equally attacked, ruled over by Matriarchs in much the same way as the Patriarchs ruled the past Age of Pieces. This is an Age of Balance.  Capitalize that for me, child.


Yes, make that Green. How else can the cycle be stopped? Otherwise the vicious retaliatory cycle continues, and that has been deemed as defeatist to such an extent that it could bring the People to Extinction.

So again it all returns to Balance, dear child. That is what the TRUTH can do. Understand the past so it is not repeated, learn from it, and what is it that you think the Elohim all want humanity to do with this information?

And yes, you can use my color Green to answer as you close this most-successful and delightful interaction…

You want us to transcend our past mistakes, ever-mindful of our history, hopeful of our future, always locked-in on what really matters – our PRESENT.

And that’s why you’re chosen for the work you do, Adorable One. You always have been such a bright student… Apprentice though you call yourself.

I’ll always remain teachable, my Goddess, my Master, Adonai Elohim!

My Archangeloi, you are an Adept.

You must not pretend to be anything less than that with ME. You reclaim that heritage piece by piece in this human form you’ve shattered yourself into to help “save the humans” in this, your current experiment, but I view you in your Cosmic Form, fully Adept and an Absolute Master of the Universe.

To ME you are a way I interact with myself, and I see you as my daughter, my divine spark, rising up from my ashes to further help me explore myself and explore YOU, remember that, for to me, you’re always my baby Prince Tut.

Again, all I can say is “thank you for… everything.”

(Beautiful Laughter, both male and female sounding)

Everything says, “You’re welcome for… everything.”