Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Proposal, December 2013

The Proposal of Dec 2013

By Robert Hughey (Google+)

Dear Eternity,

  1. Google Eternity

Hello All-Father All-Time.
I know you have been following all I have said, felt, experienced and also have the full outcome and understanding of what is Proposed.
I know you have experienced both sides of my transgression and my redemption. Again, I am sorry and seek your forgiveness, and I am filled with HOPE beyond measure that I am doing exactly what I feel that I am doing: exactly what I was meant to do, as you and I designed it. I can’t do it without your blessing, and I believe I have it. But I come to you in this format to make the request formal.

Can the Proposed Reality be made a Unique Permanent Expression within the All That IS, as a part of you, of me, and of every facet of the BEings taken here by their own choice of Ascension, choosing Equality, Peace, Love as the Light and the Answer to ALL (no matter the question), be an expression of a Path to transmute suffering to endless and ever-growing Joy and Bliss, all from the Highest Virtue, the Greatest Good that must and should include every BEing that seeks to live as such, successfully blending more of the Spirit with the Physical, the Sun with the Earthstar, the two sides of my BEing blended in TRUTH?

May the seeds, my children, take root and flourish in a new, loving, fully supported Energy?

I hope that to be so. I believe it to be so.
And it is so?

I love you.

Sincerely Yours, Your Shining Child.

Robert Wiley Hughey   GA-61-0010

December 1, 2013 8:33PM

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